• HDD HY-250

HDD HY-250

HY-250 rig is based on the domestic market situation is characterized by drilling at home and abroad, concluded many years of experience in construction and development and production. Compared with foreign similar rig, in the case of the same functions with compact structure, small size, light weight, simple and clear. Compared with domestic drilling, with a flexible operation, high level of automation, fully functional. And excellent cost performance.
  HY-250 core drilling rig's hydraulic system used the world's leading manufacturers of products, pumps, valves are used by the U.S. (sauer-danfoss) products, used motor (EATON) products, to ensure that the rig's performance and service life.
HY-250 rig the main structure: hydraulic cylinder-type drill feed system, dual-motor rotary power box on the drill body and drill pipe unloading boxes, open-centering type power tongs, hydraulic anchor installed, load sensitive hydraulic pumps and gear pumps , multi-valve hydraulic control system, rubber crawler chassis, rotary control panel, hydraulic control type mud, electro-hydraulic operating system and remote control box running rig.
HY-250 drill rig forward / pull back with adjustable speed, hydraulic cylinders can operate in differential mode, so that a wider range of speed adjustment; drill rotation speed continuously adjustable dual hydraulic motors can also be in the state series work, so that a wider range of speed adjustment; single multi-way valve of the hydraulic pump system, according to rig loads may be timely to adjust drilling parameters, the rig's operating characteristics to achieve the best, to be effective and rational distribution and use of power launched ; crawler chassis can easily retreat to rig construction site, especially in the cable, telecommunications, municipal engineering, gas pipeline construction in more obvious advantages.
Main features:
1 power box cylinder normal / differential forward / pull back;
2 power box into the push / pull with adjustable speed;                                                                                  
3 power box rotation speed continuously adjustable;
4 automatic unload drill pipe;
5 open hydraulic clamp, self-centering;
6. Hydraulic anchor pile driver;
7 rubber crawler chassis;
8. Mud flow continuously adjustable;
9 single-pump hydraulic system for the load-sensitive multi-way valve;
10 controlled automatic transmission to the wireless;
11 diesel electric start, stop, speed;
12. Electro-hydraulic servo valve control system;
13 fast with the slurry system;
14. Taipower operation controlling rotation;

15 rig remote walk;  

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